Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dago Street and Masjid Salman, Indonesia

 Extra-velganzer, as i  already told you about my first trip, here iam gonna give you the story about my second day experience travelling around Java island that i already keep only for you.
I have arrived at Bandung at 12:00 AM, in the middle of the night, after 4 hours got traffic jam, finally i can see my travel move, eventhough it  looks like a hopeless passenger running for an airplane that already take off.
I woke up at 6 in the morning with all of my body and bones feels tired so badly. But it want keep me out from my amazing plan today. The best thing you can do in Bandung is Shopping, and where is the shopping center which sell the good quality of clothing around Bandung?. The only answer i can give is DAGO street. Dago street is center of georgous, amazing, extraordinary “and whatever” street that will provide you best clothing with cheap price. Dago Street is just like Malioboro Street in Jogjakarta. Both of them are famous street in their area. one in Bandung and the others in Jogjakarta.
Dago Street and Masjid Salman, Indonesia
Dago street is very straight and long street in bandung (never ask me how far dago street laying in the earth of bandung). It covers Dago atas, Dago Pakar, and i dont know if Dago Bawah is exist. But just pre-assume that is exist. I dont want to talk about this kind of dago too much. Because iam going to talk about Dago as a center of exotic and energetic fashion for simply and modern teenager and executive.
In Dago Street you can find so many kinds of clothing such T-Shirt, Jeans, Vest, pants, accesories, sweater, jacket, cardigan and etc. You can buy woman clothing, man clothing, even the one for kids or baby is available. Its just like heaven for traveller who loves to do shopping. All you need is just to provide a money, because if you think that you want to buy some clothes for you family and neighbour you will not realize that you already run out money.
After shopping in Dago street, one thing you should see and never miss it is Masjid Salman (Salman Mosque). Masjid Salman located near Santo Boromeus Hospital in Dago Street. Masjid Salaman is a mosque owned by the moslem family of Bandung Institute technology (ITB). It is very beautifull mosque, when i arrive at there, i really admire the architecture. Such a beautifull mosque, the floor looks like made from parquet. The view is very great, a lot of tree grow give fresh air for the visitor. So its amazing feeling to be there.
Dago Street and Masjid Salman, Indonesia

After spend a lot of time and a lot money in dago street, i feel like connected with this town, such a beautifull town. A place for shopping and a place Faith-tourism i think. Becaus the night will arrive so i just stop all of the activity because i should go, i need a rest.
I promise that i will tell you what i have done in my third day trip, still live in Bandung, West Java.

How To Get To The Dago Street and Masjid Salman.
          There is direct flight to Bandung from Jakarta if you plan to get there by Plane. You can take a cab from Husein sastranegara Airport to the Dago Street.
        If you backpacker traveller and you are enjoy traveling by Bus or Train then soon you arrive at Soekarno Hatta International Airport you can order  travel to Bandung in outside exit door of the airport. The price is 125.000 Indonesian Rupiah or around $12.5. just say to the travel agent that your final destination is in Dago street, they will take you directly at Dago Street. Real dago street (at the point).
          Then you can also reach Dago street with Train from Jakarta. Just take a bus in front of the Soekarno Hatta Airport soon you arrive, this bus will take you to the Gambir Train Station. From gambir you enjoy your traveling by train. This train will stop in Kota Bandung Station. From this point you can take mass transportation such as Omprengan/Angkot “A mini Version Bus” or you can use Cab.
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