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Daarut Tauhid and Bancakan, Indonesia

Wow, extra-velganzer, is it my feeling right that you waiting a story about my journey?. Dont be afraid, i will tell you right now what really happen in day 3 of my amazing travelling in West Java, Indonesia.
My trip in Bandung will be finished, day 3 means i only have 2 days left, today and tomorrow (day 4). I am just so excited about anything. The weather is a little bit hot, the sky are clear, so how come iam not happy to walking around Bandung. I guess there will be so many story i could deliver to all of ya. So let the story begin.
Daarut Tauhid and Bancakan, Indonesia

9:00 AM, travelling by car accompanied by my best friends, we headed to Daarut Tauhid Islamic Boarding School (Pondok Pesantren Daarut Tauhid). Is about 30 minutes to reach this place because we got lost (Actually, we never been there before, we just follow our instinct and the power of asking). This place is located in Geger Kalong, Bandung. Its about 5 kilometer more or less from dago street.
Daarut Tauhid is one of Islamic Boarding school located in the center of Bandung. This place is very famous because owned by one of the famous Ulama in Bandung that is Abdullah Gymnastiar or AA Gym. Every person you ask in Bandung must know this place. When you enter this place, you will feel another excitement and another environment. Of course, it would be different when you visit the mall and you visit this place. You will find different thing such as the way of dressing, their main daily activity. And so many things you have to see.
Unfortunately, we ca not spend a lot of time here because some reason such as difficulties to find parking area. Bandung is very crowded, thats why a space for parking slot will be rare, mostly empty space has been used to build the house. After 12 AM, we leave this place and head to another location. 
Daarut Tauhid and Bancakan, Indonesia
 What do you do if you got hungry?. Yes get a lunch. So because its already 12, so we decided to continue our journey to find some essential thing for human. We head to Bancakan resto.  Bancakan is a name of restaurant near Gedung Sate (Governor of West Java Office) located in Trunojoyo Street No.62. Bancakan provide you a very traditional food with undoubt quality. This restaurant provide delicious and cheap sundanese food. you can choose what kind of menu do you want to eat. This place is very famous in Bandung. Thats why we choose to have a lunch here. But one thing you shoul know is because this restaurant is very famous so you need to be patient when you come and you see that the queue is very long like snake. If you got patient then you will taste the good thing we called Food.
So this is the end of my journey in Day 3, i will tell you everything about my journey. Good place, good spot, and good resto for your references.

How To Get To The Daarut Tauhid Islamic Boarding School and Bancakan Resto.
To be there, you should already arrive in bandung. There is direct flight to Bandung from Jakarta if you plan to get there by Plane. You can take a cab from Husein sastranegara Airport to the Daarut Tauhid and Bancakan.
          If you backpacker traveller and you are enjoy traveling by Bus or Train then soon you arrive at Soekarno Hatta International Airport you can order  travel to Bandung in outside exit door of the airport. The price is 125.000 Indonesian Rupiah or around $12.5. just say to the travel agent that your final destination is in Daarut tauhid or Bancakan, they will take you directly at your destination
you can also reach Daarut Tauhid with Train from Jakarta. Just take a bus in front of the Soekarno Hatta Airport soon you arrive, this bus will take you to the Gambir Train Station. From gambir you enjoy your traveling by train. This train will stop in Kota Bandung Station. From this point you can take mass transportation such as Omprengan/Angkot “A mini Version Bus” or you can use Cab.

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