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Malioboro Street Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Hello Ex-Travel-Ganzer. Lets continue our journey to the most buzy”Ness” street in Indonesia. Yes, I am talking about Malioboro Street in Jogjakarta. Malioboro Street located in the heart of Jogjakarta. From this street you can go anywhere you want to go. From this street you can learn also how indonesia culture spread in this street. Why i am saying this street is the most Buzy”ness” because Malioboro street as it is an icon and also the busiest  business district in the area.
Malioboro Street Jogjakarta, Indonesia
 Coming from the Sanskrit language which means bouquet of flowers, Malioboro becomes flower that its charm is able to attract tourists. Not only full of stories and memories, Malioboro also becomes souvenir paradise in the heart of Jogja. The street is alive 24 hours a day and extends for 3 km from North to South.  At the southern end there is a junction, known as Nol Kilometer (Zero Kilometers). Some people say that Malioboro comes from Marlborough, an English Governor General, who ruled in Yogyakarta during the colonial period. You can see the colonial buildings lining the street combined with a more modern building facade. One of the exciting facades known as Apotik Kimia Farma (Kimia Farma Facade), has a geometric structure and a classically  decorated interior.
Malioboro Street Jogjakarta, Indonesia
 Before it turned into a busy street, Malioboro was a quiet road with a tamarind tree growing on the right and left. This road was just passed by people who wanted to go to the Palace or complex areas such as First Indische first in Yogyakarta, for instance, Loji Besar (Vredeburg Fort), Loji Kecil (area next to the Great Hall/Gedung Agung), Loji Kebon (Great Hall/Gedung Agung), as well as Loji Setan (Office of the Parliament/DPRD office). But the existence of Pasar Gede or Beringharjo Market on the south side and the presence of Chinese ethnic residential in Ketandan area gradually boosted the economy in the region. Chinese group made Malioboro as its business canal, so the trade area which was originally based in Beringharjo and Chinatown eventually expanded to the north to Stasiun Tugu (Tugu Train Station). Seeing Malioboro rapidly growing into the pulse of trade and shopping centers, a friend said that Malioboro is the baby talk for "mari yok borong (let’s buy a lot)". In malioboro you can buy desirable range of merchandise ranging from beautiful accessories, unique souvenirs, classic batik, gold and gems to household appliances. For souvenir fans, Malioboro can be a fun hunting paradise. Walking on the shoulder of the road while bargaining a variety of goods sold by street vendors, will be a special experience. Variety of locally made souvenirs like batik, rattan ornament, silver, bamboo handicrafts, leather puppets, blangkon, miniature of traditional vehicles, accessories, until key chains, all can be found easily. If you are good in bargaining, these items can be taken home with a fairly cheap price.
Malioboro Street Jogjakarta, Indonesia
 So many activities you can do during your traveling. You can take a walk to reach Malioboro. Just started from Tugu Jogjakarta, tugu is the zero point of jogjakarta. From this point you can walk along Mangkubumi street as well as enjoying the old colonialism style building. At the end of mangkubumi street you can find Yogyakarta Train Station. A very old fashioned station. Not quite far from this station you can enjoy cup of coffee. People in jogjakarta called it Kopi Joss, a very unique coffee with unusual taste.
From this point you just cross the rail and walk along Malioboro street. Malioboro street over so many things to see and of course to buy. You dont need to worry because the price of souvenir such as handycraft, Original T-shirt from jogja, Batik and so on is very cheap. The price of Handycraft in along Malioboro street about $3 for each item, the expensive one maybe around $25. For T-shirt, the original one you can get in around $3 and of course you are not officialy go to Jogja if you dont buy batik, a traditional but world class gift for your family. Those you can buy along this street from south to north. But still you can find so many shop that you can entered along this street if you dont like do transaction near the crowdness.
Along this street you can also enjoy the President Place, visiting traditional market called Beringharjo, join tour in Verdeburg Fort. And if you get luck in some precious moments you can enjoy the parade cross this street, at this moments this street looks like very special because the street will be so empty, any kinds of transportation is forbidden to enter this street.

You got hugry?..dont worry you can enjoy so many kinds of Indonesia delicious culinary with very cheap price of course. If you enjoy your dine in the night you can enjoy your meal and at the same time enjoying harmony from musical street. If you got full or you dont like to walk just enjoy your trip useing indonesia traditional transportation called andong.
So What are you waiting for, just visited this place and enjoy your precius moments in here. This place is also good for your honeymoon.

How To Get To Malioboro Street
If you flight from abroad, just make sure you take a flight from your country to Jakarta. From jakarta there so many transportation mode you can take to reach Jogjakarta, the place of Malioboro Street.
If you plan use Plane, is about 1 hours from Soekarno Hatta International Airport and you will arrive at Adi sucipto Airport. From airport just take taxi or busway. You will get there directly in one blink..hahaha, just kidding because it will take about 15 minutes to get there.
Malioboro Street Jogjakarta, Indonesia

If you want to enjoy your traveling use train, you can buy ticket in gambir station in jakarta and choose Jogjakarta as your end destination. Good thing if you use train is you will arrive directly in Malioboro, because Malioboro street is only about “one big step” from Yogyakarta station.
I will not recommend you to use bus. But if you still want to reach jogjakarta by bus, start your trip from Lebak Bulus Bus Station and it will take about 12 hours to reach Jogjakarta. Soon you arrive at Jogjakarta just take taxi to reach and walk in Malioboro.


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