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Soekarno Hatta Airport, Indonesia

Extra-Velganzer, its been a long time i’ve never put some story in my blog, today i swear i will write frequently after almost a month i’ve never touch my precious keyboards. So lets start our journey. For few publishing story a head i will tell you my experience journey in Indonesia. For your information i was spend about 12 days to travel around java island in Indonesia. So lets the story begin. 
Soekarno Hatta Airport, Indonesia
 I arrived at Soekarno Hatta international Airport in Jakarta around 4 PM after 4 hours boring flight ( you can only see the same thing like cloud, blue sky. No restaurant, or MCD or Dunkins). After took my Polo Bag, i decide to take a rest outside the airport. Its amazing to see Jakarta after a long time no “Keep In Touch” with this city. But i already have a plan, i would not spend my time in this city (you would know why, because i have a reason one). After looking for travel who would took me to Bandung this night, the receptionist said that it would be OK if i take a trip at 5 Pm, and i say “Why Not” in hopeless.
So, compared that i have to spend about one hours observing people like traffic going nowhere, i decided to take a walk. I would preassume this as traveling. Some people might choose to conduct their traveling at a beautifull place such as beach, museum, site, or mountain. Why not to make this airport as one of my travel destination. A little bit crazy but thats okay, i saw this airport a little bit great and since i have never explore a lot of thing in this Airport.
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is the biggest airport in indonesia, the name of it came from the name of proclamator who declare the independent of Indonesia. Both of Soekarno and Hatta finally choosen as the first president and the first vice president of Indonesian Republics.
Soekarno Hatta Airport, Indonesia
 I took a walk for one hours, it seems very unusual to other people to conduct travelling in Airport, but who cares. This airport is a symbol of Indonesian people. The building eventhough have modern structure but the appearance itself symbolized the greatest of Indonesia, reflect the archipelago of Indonesia with thousand island, thousand tribes live around. So its just like you already travel around indonesa isn’t it.
The Soekarno-Hatta is very huges and long. One hours its not enough to finish your journey. But one thing i can tell you , if you get hungry then you do not to worry because you can find a lot of food over there. Indonesian food, chinese food, fast food and many others ready to serve you. You think about handicraft or gift?. Just check your money because this airport also provide you a lot of handicraft for your “home coming” gift.
5:00 PM. Its time to leave Jakarta head to Bandung “The City Of Flower”. Hopefully that i can reach bandung at 9:00 PM. But unfortunately i have to feel what people said about jakarta “Jakarta is very crowded and you mostly will feel the terrible traffic jam in the world, and those you can only get in Jakarta”. And as my friend say, from 5 PM to 9 PM i am just sit inside the travel observing the traffic jam in Jakarta and iam also one of them who have to spend this entire journey only sit and looking outside with empty feeling.
What iam gonna tell you is just enjoy every moment of your journey. Every time you walk out your door is already journey. Who knows you will never get back to the place. Even its only just an airport but not all people would stop and think that airport also is  a great place to be explored.
So thats my journey to the International Airport of Soekarno-Hatta. I will continue my journey in day 2. So do not miss it.

How To Get to International Airport of Soekarno Hatta
Just take a flight and make it sure the final destination of your flight is Jakarta. Soon you will arrive without any notification and you can enjoy your first travelling in Airport. Have a nice journey, extra-velganzer.

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