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Arena Lviv Stadium, Ukraine

 Extra-velganzer, lets cross the border of Poland to another beautiful country. Yes, iam talking about Ukraine. How beautifull is’t it?. We still looking for another excitement before the kick off the game. A week before the match that will be watch over 4 million eyes around the world. lets travel first to stadium by stadium and from one city to another host city.
Check your passport and then without you realize you already in Lviv. Lviv is a charming city, just 70km from the Polish border, with a coffee-house culture more akin to Austria and Hungary, and while other cityscapes were whitewashed by Soviet rule, Since it was founded as a hilltop fort on Zamkova Hora in 1256, Lviv's colour continued to shine through. The narrow-gauge tramways are not as visible as they once were – in the past two decades nine of the 11 lines have been abandoned – but they retain a presence, trundling along in their green livery.
Arena Lviv Stadium, Ukraine
 A jaunt up to the city's highest point, Zamkova Hora (Castle Hill) is revealing, and looking down on the UNESCO World Heritage site the epitaph 'the Florence of the east' is hard to discredit. Some 80km south of the city, the Carpathian mountains may be a touch too far to see but you may get a glimpse of the coniferous forest that dominate parts of the surrounding region, camouflage for the significant mineral wealth that lies below.
We are not going to talk about Castle Hill, Let’s talk about it in next journey. Right now, let’s just straight to the southern part of Lviv (a little bit hard to say Lviv is not it?). Near the intersection of the city's beltway M10 and M6 and also the route E471 and M06. Yes, we are in Arena Lviv, one of the host of EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.
Arena Lviv is a football specific stadium in Lviv, Ukraine. It is one of the eight UEFA Euro 2012 venues, where it will host three of the group-stage games. According to the official plans, the stadium has a total seating capacity of 34,915. It has also been the new home field of FC Karpaty Lviv since 10 December 2011.
Arena Lviv Stadium, Ukraine
 The stadium construction started in November 20, 2008. The architect of the stadium is combination between local and European architect. Albert Wimmer ZT Gmbh (Vienna) / Arnika (Lviv) is the architect of this building. The stadium completed in October 2011 after spend 211 Million Euro only for construction cost. The contractor is Altkom.
The stadium's capacity is anticipated to be 34,915 spectators including 450 VIP sittings as well. All seats will be covered, while part of the roof assembly will be transparent to provide sufficient sunlight for the turf. The stadium's parking will be located underneath the arena which will consist of three levels. The parking for VIP will include 1593 spaces. Parking for tele- and radio-media agencies will include (6,000 square metres (65,000 sq ft)). There also will be parking for the disabled and special elevators will provide passage to seats that are also designed and reserved to accustom the necessary personnel.
Arena Lviv is the most modern and one of the newest stadiums in Europe. Arena Lviv meets all the requirements of UEFA, which include development of new technologies in construction, information and digital spheres.  A good few of the requirements aimed at increasing of spectators’ conveniences and security at the match.
Arena Lviv Stadium, Ukraine
 It is comfortable and beautiful sport facility with well-developed infrastructure designed especially for UEFA Euro 2012 and is designated for maintaining a service at football and entertainment events of the highest level and scope. During Euro 2012 the Lviv stadium will seat 32,767 guests, including  300 seats  - for honoured guests in the VIP-zone and about 150 seats in the skybox zone. The “hallmark’ of the stadium is its view of the pitch from the spectators’ seats of both upper and lower tiers, since the specially designed stands structure provides the maximum effect of the spectator on the pitch. All the seats are located under partially transparent covering. After the European Championship number of seats will be increased to 34,915 by reducing the media sector and the area provided for special technique for broadcasting of Euro 2012 finals.
Arena Lviv Stadium, Ukraine
 Stadium has 9 turnstile groups around the perimeter. Within each group there are scores of turnstiles, providing an unimpeded access to the stands. All the turnstiles are equipped with pointers. All the information you need, you can always check with stewards, dressed in yellow bibs.
All the visitors enter the promenade, a space between lower and upper stands, and then they are divided into two streams.  “A” stands are the lower tier and “B” stands are the upper one.
Visitor can be catered by 26 fast food outlets situated on the level 0 and the promenade. At the lateral sides of these outlets there are installed the water closets.
Arena Lviv will host three of the group-stage games of 2012 European Football Championship finals in Group B. those games are Germany VS Portugal at June 9, Denmark VS Portugal at June 13 and Denmark VS Germany at June 17.

How To Get To The Arena Lviv.
If you are travellers from outside Ukraine then you shoul take flight to Ukraine or straight to Lviv International Airport. The airport lies northwest from the stadium.
The Arena Lviv lies in the far south of the city of Lviv, just outside the urban limits, at about 8 kilometres of Lviv’s city centre and about 10 kilometres from the central rail station (which lies south-west of the centre).
The stadium lies near the crossing of the M10 and M06, and can thus be easily reached by car. The M06 connects with Lviv city centre in almost a straight line.
By public transport one can take trolleybus 5 from the city centre. Take the bus from Shota Rustaveli Street in the southern part of the city centre. The bus will go to the central bus terminal, which is almost next-door to the Arena Lviv.
Trolleybus 3 connects the stadium directly with the airport.


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