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Norodowy Stadion (National Stadium), Poland

              Extra-velganzer, 2012 European Football Champhionship will start immediately. This event will take you attention with their opening ceremony at 8 June. Do you already prepare anything for your journey because this event will be held in two country at the some time. A little bit strange but thats okey, since few past years ago some sport events always have double host country to serve atheletes from all over country with their fanatics supporter. So this european football sport events will be held in two country that are Poland and Ukraine. Thats why, before the opening ceremony why dont you travel with me to see the most “unbelievable” stadium that will held all of the game from the opening till the finale.
            Lets start our journey to the most beautifull and the biggest stadium in Poland ( I guest). So this stadium called as National Stadium. In polish, it called Norodowy Stadion. The plot of land situated in the area between ul. Wybrzeże Szczecińskie, Al. Zielenieckiej and Al. Poniatowskiego in the Praga Południe district in Warsaw is the location of the National Stadium along with its associated infrastructure. The investment involves the construction of the National Stadium to take the place of the demolished 10th Anniversary Stadium.
 Norodowy Stadion (National Stadium), Poland
 The construction work of national stadium was started on site in 2008. The cost to build such a huge stadum like national stadium is about 500 million euro (i can not imagine about the money). The first activity was to demolish the old stands of Stadion Dziesięciolecia. The architect “Mosby” of this stadium is Gerkan, Marg and Partners an architectural company based on Hamburg, Germany. The structural engineer of this stadium is Schlaich Bergermann and Partners or famous as one of world  renowned structural engineer firm based in Stuttgart, germany.
The cornerstone (foundation stone) and a time capsule were set during the ceremony held on 7 October 2009. The time capsule contained flags of Poland, the European Union and the city of Warsaw, newspapers of the day, coins, banknotes, and other artifacts.
In 2009, the construction works were scheduled for completion by mid 2011. However, construction failures were revealed in late May 2011, which resulted in setting a new completion term for 29 November 2011, where the stadium has then been cleared for use
The new stadium has a seating capacity of 58,500 only for football games, but the capacity can change if it used for concert which can be used for 73,000 people at the same time. So far, two concerts that will take place in the National Stadium have been confirmed. Madonna will perform on August 1 as part of her MDNA Tour, followed by Coldplay on September 19.
 Norodowy Stadion (National Stadium), Poland
 National Stadium construction started in 2008 and finished in November 2011. The stadium has a unique retractable PVC roof which unfolds from a nest on a needle suspended above the centre of the pitch. The retractable roof is similar to BC Place in Vancouver, BC, Canada and Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. The national stadium is due to host the opening match (a group match) between  Poland vs Greece, remaining 2 group matches that is Poland vs Russia and Russia vs Greece, a quarterfinal, and a semifinal of the UEFA Euro 2012 hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine.
Along with the stadium the plans include constructing a general purpose indoor sports arena with places for 20,000 spectators, an Olympic-size swimming pool for 4,000 spectators, an aquatic park, hotel, conference center, as well as catering and service facilities. The construction will be followed by a complete refurbishment of the nearby Warsaw Stadium railway station and the opening of a subway station and a segment of the second line of the Warsaw Metro linking the area with the city center. The grounds are owned by the national government, thus the investment will be financed by it, rather than the city of Warsaw.

How To Get To The National Stadium
Warsaw-Fryderyk Chopin Airport is 8km south of the city centre. There are several train stations, but most travellers need only concern themselves with Warszawa Centralna in the heart of the city – but please note it is not always the final destination. There are direct daily services to Wroclaw (five hours), Gdansk (4.5 hours), Poznan (3-4 hours), Lviv (14 hours, though quicker if you change) and Kyiv (15 hours). There are two bus terminals: Warszawa Stadion serves east-bound destinations while Warszawa Zachodnia handles all other routes, including to Gdansk and Wroclaw (both take 5-7 hours).
Warsaw's integrated public transport system includes buses, trams and the metro. The main routes run from 5.00 to 23.00 every day, thereafter night buses link Emilii Plater Street in the centre to major suburbs though on Friday and Saturday the metro runs until 2.00. It is best to buy tickets before boarding – look out for signs saying 'Sprzedaż Biletów ZTM'. Single journeys cost 2.40zł and there are also tickets for 90 minutes/one day/three days/week (6/9.60/14.40/32zł).

Thanks To : Wikipedia and UEFA

Thanks To : Wikipedia and UEFA


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